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Buying a Property in Paris is a long term and profitable investment

Make use of the services offered by
Chardeau & Mazeret

checkWe find your apartment

checkWe renovate it

checkWe furnish it

checkWe rent it

checkWe manage it and maintain it regularly

checkWe assist you in optimising tax relating to your revenue

You set a budget and Chardeau & Mazeret buy, renovate, lease and manage your apartment!

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260 000 €

370 000 €

470 000 €

670 000 €

> 700 000 €

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« Sacré-Coeur » Offer

« Notre-Dame » Offer

« Pont Neuf » Offer

« Grand Palais » Offer

« Tour Eiffel » Offer

A Paris Studio

Two-room apartment in Paris

Large two-room apartment in Paris

Three-room apartment in Paris

Four-room apartment in Paris


Our Fees for the « All-Inclusive » offer

300 euros upon signing the documents to launch your search

From this point onwards, we shall be right by your side to guide you in managing your property in Paris

4,5 % for a purchase from a private individual

3,5 % if the purchase goes through real estate agent

These fees are payable upon signing of the deed at the notary's office. They confirm that the search has been successful.

Services included

  • Survey of your project and advice on your future purchase.
  • Search for the property and negotiation with the private individual and the real estate agent.
  • Submission of quotes for renovation.
  • Recommendation, where necessary, of a bank for the arrangement of property financing.
  • Supervising of renovation work.
  • Supervising of installation of furniture.
  • Marketing of your property and search for your future tenant.
  • First year of management fees of the property.
  • Recommendation, where necessary, of an accountant to help you optimise tax on property revenue generated.



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