La méthode C&M
pour vos investissement immobilier


1. A face-to-face or telephone interview with your Flat Hunter in order to identify your needs. We therefore advise you on the process flow of your project and define the specifications (location, timetable, budget).

2. You then sign the document entitled Entry into Client Relationship, which launches the mandate to provide property advice for a renewable period of 4 months. You then become a client of Chardeau & Mazeret.

3. From that point onwards, we are right by your side throughout the purchase process but also afterwards for the monitoring and the management of your property. So you always benefit from an informed expert right by your side, year after year, in the valuation of your assets. valorisation de votre patrimoine.

4. Your Flat Hunter then initiates an active search process using our network in order to find the property that most closely matches your criteria.

5. Once we have found the property, we advise you according to your needs with regard to the choice of notary, te mortgage for the property and insurance.We can supervise the renovation work, decorating and furnishing.

Chardeau & Mazeret wishes to become your preferred partner when it comes to your property investments.

Our strength lies in our commitment to create a long term relationship based on trust. Contact us to find out more!


  • Signing of the Entry into Client Relationship document and Search Mandate with choice of criteria.
  • We start our active search and show you the apartments we recommend you to buy.
  • Signing of the commitment to sell with the notary.
  • Establishment of a property mortgage if there is one.
  • Submission of one or several quotes for the renovation work.
  • Signing of the final deed of sale and handing over of the keys.
  • Start of the renovation work of your property.
  • Furnishing and decoration of your property.
  • Renting of your property.
  • Management of the tenant and monitoring of your investment
  • Advice, Tax, Levies



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