Gestion Financière et Patrimoniale


We wish to be a 'loyal' advisor able to guide you and offer you simple but effective investments over time.

Vous conseiller en tenant compte de votre profil d’investisseur et de vos goûts ! Nous définissons vos objectifs : Un rendement à atteindre pour un risque accepté mais maitrisé. A chaque placement ou « allocation », vous bénéficiez de notre explication qui vous donne une estimation claire des perspectives de gain mais aussi de perte. Un seul mot, la Transparence !

We are convinced that we can grow your financial assets while genuinely controlling your risk. To do this, it is not necessary to take excessive risks or to buy complex products.

The solution

Monitor your savings and transcend a simple profile that is 'prudent' or 'balanced'.

In recent years, financial markets have evolved considerably, with new, occasionally complex financial products and stakeholders, the majority of whom are professionals.

In this context, your wealth deserves to be monitored by an independent professional. We aspire to being the professional who will advise you with the sole aim of protecting you and making you money. Contact us and put together the best strategy in relation to your assets!


1. The discovery meeting

An initial interview by telephone or face-to-face in order to get to know you and understand your goals.  In this way, we can discuss your likes and dislikes.
We propose that we simplify and optimise the management of your financial assets. Investors often hold products that are unnecessary and inefficient. If deemed profitable, we will seek to collaborate with you in reducing the number of these.

2. Research and proposal

We analyse the information and items that you have kindly sent us. We take into account your profile and prepare an analysis with possible improvements in the management of your financial assets.

Get the most from your savings by structuring them so that each investment makes sense and can give you the return that you expect.

We would like to collaborate with you over the long term, to help you develop and manage your assets.

3. Debriefing and presentation of a report

At our second meeting, we shall discuss the proposals that we validate together and which shall define our mission.
In partnership with Altéa Patrimoine, we shall select the products offering the best returns on the market. We shall provide you with a report containing our recommendations and proposals.

4. Investment and monitoring

Once the investments have been made, we shall remain available to assist you over the long term in the growth of your savings.

We are convinced that monitoring is the key to effective management of your investments.  
A timetable will therefore be created and will guarantee you private appointments where you may discuss things freely with your Private Wealth Advisor.

With Chardeau & Mazeret, you benefit from genuine, independent advice at competitive prices. Our originality stems from advice that focuses on simple, specific investments, both related to real estate as well as to finance. Contact us and put together the best strategy in relation to your assets!



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